TC Ecology – The NFT platform that changed the deal

With the concept of meta-universe, the social real economy and online virtual trading mode are getting closer and closer. Led by a thousand feather capital investment, and jointly with more than twenty senior institutions to create TC universal trading platform, in the form of physical mapping NFT can be TC token trading or mainstream coin trading, aimed at solving the traditional online transactions as consumption but not value-added attributes. As NFT is in the period of explosive value-added, can really penetrate into all areas of the economy, so TC Everything trading platform business model design novel and ahead of its time, through the TC agreement casting NFT products for NFT consumers in the process of each transaction can bring wealth appreciation, the future has a unique growth advantage.

The TC trading platform takes the form of physical NFT as the transaction carrier and TC ecological pass as the value carrier. 2,986 TC coins, limited in number and never to be issued, are rare and precious, and play an active role in promoting the ecological development of the construction platform, and also carry various value functions of the platform. In order to motivate the community and enhance the circulation, TC ecology has arranged the TC LP pool dividend mechanism, 25% is used for the platform LP pool dividend, and the coin holders enjoy the right to vote and governance on the community project decisions according to the law. The remaining 75% of TC coins are given to platform users for fair launch snatching, for which all community participants have the opportunity to obtain.

TC Ecology – The NFT platform that changed the deal

The construction of TC ecology is not simply a construction of the trading platform, but has a strong technical development team behind it, and the participants are graduates of prestigious schools in computer technology and blockchain disciplines, and they have technically advanced and rich experience in the construction of digital economy and the operation of the meta-universe field. In the future, TC coins will be put online on many mainstream exchanges such as pancake, and the circulation and stability will be further strengthened. TC will continuously practice the DAO blockchain community autonomy concept, and take the construction of 100 communities as the cornerstone of its operation. Millions of investors will enter the community, using intelligent contracts as their management guidelines, relying on TC passes for voting, feedback, dividends, etc. The whole community will have a strong living body, thus realizing a highly autonomous and integrated development model.

Cross-chain technology is an important new technology in TC ecological construction, which greatly enhances the integration and human compatibility of the platform, while the relay chain can carry out Dapp governance across chains, which effectively strengthens the trust transmission of cross-chain transactions. Since NFT can easily save, flow and trade, TC ecology developed TC NFT with ERC-1155 standard, which can support both homogeneous and non-homogeneous tokens, and can transfer multiple objects in bulk, thus improving transaction efficiency and reducing gas fee rates.

In the middle of 2022, the prototype of the platform has been completed in the first quarter, and it is planned that the core members of the community will break through 100,000 in the second quarter, and TC coins are expected to go online on the pancake exchange on 5.26. The development of the TC Everything trading platform will continue to give value to NFT, and the ecological value of TC will gradually emerge.

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