How to Use Mirrors to Increase the Sunlight in Your Home

Some homes seem dark inside, even in broad daylight, due to lack of windows facing outdoor sunlight. While it may not be practical to expand windows or add more of them to your home, you can increase the amount of sunlight indoors through placement of mirrors. Mirrors can make dark room seem brighter or a small space seem larger and more open, all depending on placement.

Mirrors Opposite Windows

One of the most direct ways to use mirrors to increase sunlight in a room is to place mirrors on walls opposite the window. For instance, if your family room or den has only one small window and some sunlight shines through, place a mirror on the wall directly opposite the window, so inbound sunlight reflects back into the room, magnifying the effect. If there is no wall directly opposite the window, place a mirror on an adjacent wall far enough away from the window that you can see the window reflected in the mirror.

Bouncing Sunlight

In situations where certain areas seem extremely dark during daytime, place a mirror at an angle to a nearby window so the light bounces from the window into the darker area. A movable mirror such as the tall mirrors on a stand that are used in bedrooms or dressing areas is suitable for this purpose. Imagine the sunlight or a laser shining through a window and bouncing at an angle off the mirror to figure out the best angle to light a dark corner or room.

Hallway Mirrors

In some homes, especially older ranch-style tract homes with all bedrooms and the bathroom branching off of one hallway, the hallway itself is rather dark if the side room doors are closed. A full-length mirror mounted on the wall at the end of the hallway receives ambient light and brightens the area, making it feel more inviting and less foreboding.

Mirrors Among Bright Surfaces

If adding large mirrors to several rooms seems a bit too Vegas-like for your tastes, one wall painted in a silver or light gray acts like a mirrored surface to enhance light in the room. This effect is especially noticeable if other walls in the room are dark. Glass cabinet doors also enhance this effect a bit. Place a few small framed mirrors among groupings of photos or artwork on other walls in the room to enhance the mirrored light effect, or standing in frames on bookshelves, desks, tables or nightstands.

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