About Us

ETA Learning Network is a more open platform

You can find news clues here, content creators can use this to spread their work further, CEOs can preach their ideas here, and people with different opinions can argue here.

"Innovation without borders" is not only our slogan, it is also the vision of many people. Therefore, we welcome everyone's attempts, breakthroughs, and transgressions, and at the same time, welcome everyone to interact with us. This is the value of "ETA Learning Network".

 ETA Learning Network is a platform for creators

We respect every creator. What creators need is a more open platform, more influential dissemination, and a knowledge base that can provide creative materials.

It is impossible for a creator not to be invaded by opinions and positions. A conscientious creator urgently needs to know the positions of more people when establishing his own position. Therefore, he can know more opinions more quickly through the "ETA Learning Network".

"The world is my hypothesis." For each creator, he must not only provide facts to prove his hypothesis in his works, but he should also provide facts that prove more people's hypotheses. This is their responsibility and ethics.

"ETA Learning Network" insists on reporting every event and manuscript fairly and objectively. We do not accept works that are not in accordance with facts such as rumors, deliberate smears, etc., but we also insist that creators can make timely amendments when they recognize work problems.

 ETA Learning Network is a social circle

It believes that it is impossible for people to remain independent, that everyone is fragile, that people need to communicate with each other, that capable people need to get together with capable people, and that helping others is ultimately helping oneself, believing that There must be gains in creating value. I believe that every success requires applause, and every failure requires comfort. The circle of "ETA Learning Network" allows everyone to find support and support in familiarity.

 ETA Learning Network is where newcomers start

We respect every newcomer who has just entered the industry, and we are more willing to explore the unknown world together with every newcomer. There is always a time for newcomers to mature, but we will not be lonely, there will be more newcomers to fill his position, so back and forth. As the Yangtze River is rolling eastward, the waves scouring out the heroes, we can help the newcomers grow, and we cannot avoid the hero's twilight.

 ETA Learning Network is the center of public opinion

The power of "ETA Learning Network" lies in the secondary spread. It approaches reality with its freedom, fairness, balance, tolerance, independence, and participation. Therefore, it is more credible and can influence society more.

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