2022 Predictions for AI in IT, Data Centers – Urgent Comms

If the pandemic did anything for AI, it saw the increase in investments in information technology and data centers.

Legacy systems were given a kicking as brands sought to accelerate upgrade plans.

With those upgrades came increased automation and cloud tools.

That was 2021. Should the market expect more of the same in 2022? Seven experts from leading IT and data center firms outlined their predictions for the year ahead.

On-Premises Data Centers Are Here to Stay as Corporations Refine Their Hybrid Approaches

Paul Speciale, CMO, Scality

“Even as public cloud investment continues, enterprises will maintain their corporate on-premises data center infrastructure for reasons of control, performance and cost-efficiency. This will lead to a new level of sophisticated IT management capabilities to optimize multi-data center, multi-cloud application and data management solutions.

2022 Predictions for AI in IT, Data Centers – Urgent Comms

“Most enterprises have realized that a smart, balanced approach to applications and infrastructure across enterprise (private) data centers and public cloud services leads to the most optimal delivery of services, agility, best time-to-market and cost efficiencies.”

Technology Leaders Will Be Focusing on Evolution, Not Revolution

Henrik Nilson, vice president EMEA, Apptio

“The increased adoption of new technologies to adapt to the pandemic means that most large organizations are using complex and advanced technology stacks to service business needs. As a result, in 2022 and following years, the focus for many technology leaders will not be on revolutionizing their use of technology, but evolving it on a smaller level through the use of agile, refining their cloud infrastructure. However, these smaller-scale shifts in technology need clear data and insights to succeed, as opposed to the transformational projects where a dramatic change was always going to be justified.

“The challenge that comes with this evolutionary approach is that it requires clear data and insights to succeed . While the benefits of big transformational initiatives can be clear, working on continuous improvement requires a culture of measurement and analysis that many organizations still don’t have.”

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