PSFK Weekly Roundup: Minting marketing's future, memorializing possessions and embracing design 3.0

Ideas we're tracking: how tokenization and web3 technologies are shaping the future of marketing and CX, the digitization of our IRL assets and the future of p2p retail, and how the metaverse aesthetic is influencing the future of design.

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How NFTs Are “Minting” The Future of Marketing
The technology associated with NFTs enables faster innovation, more evolved customer experiences, and is helping companies and web3 communities reimagine how they market and sell their goods and services. Researchers behind PSFK's latest report say that tokenization will be driving the future of brand-consumer interactions.

ASICS Move to Earn program gamifies fitness with crypto rewards
Developed in partnership with web3 lifestyle company STEPN, the Move to Earn initiative from Asics rewards NFT owners with crypto bonuses for their step counts. Read More

Exclusive NFTs from Autograph connect sport legends and their fans
Counting the NFL’s Tom Brady as a co-founder and co-chairman, Autograph’s NFT platform creates bespoke digital collections and experiences featuring some of the world’s most legendary athletes and performers. Read More

FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs launches groundbreaking web3 series
Dan Harmon, the creator behind hit shows Rick and Morty and Community, is producing an innovative animated series set to be curated entirely on the blockchain, called Krapopolis. PSFK

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Trading the Digital Twins of our IRL Possessions
In our 2022 version of the PSFK Future of Retail report we presented a future where ALL our possessions would have a digital twin and those assets could be used to catalog, trade, lend or even borrow money against – without going through traditional retail or service providers. We were talking 2042 in the report but maybe we need to adjust our timeline because we already are seeing a lot of NFTs being created for the things people own!

Car owners can digitize their automobiles into NFTs
Scrap Car Comparison, a UK-based company, is letting car owners apply to have a highly detailed virtual replicas of their car created as an NFT and preserved on the blockchain, down to even the tiniest features like dings, bumper stickers, and license plate number. Scrap Car Comparison

PSFK Weekly Roundup: Minting marketing's future, memorializing possessions and embracing design 3.0

Pet owners can digitize their furry animals into NFTs
The Petaverse from Cominted Labs Studio, will launch a collection of 1,000 virtual twin pets available through the “MetaPaw” NFT collection. The 3D virtual pet avatars will be highly detailed and created from user-uploaded images. NFT holders can also “adopt” a pet avatar instead of minting their own. Press Release

Small stores are recorded and traded as NFTs
A Malaysian artist has a new collection of 3D art of local stores and stands in a series called126³ Tiny Voxel Shops. Shin Oh was worried about the decline of neighborhood spots and says, “I tried to ‘preserve’ the old shops through this series…I hope when people see it, it will remind them to go and support their small local businesses.” Artist Interview / NFT Marketplace

Buildings memorialized as NFTs too
Chris Hytha has been turning Philadephia’s historic row-homes into NFTs. The architect scours Google Earth looking for these buildings that are unique to the city and then drives to photograph them – but sometimes when he turns up they're already demolished. FeatureShoot

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How The Metaverse Is Influencing IRL & Digital Design
As virtual and physical worlds collide, the way we design and appreciate products will change forever. The metaverse, or at least the technologies that power it, will eventually be our future – and it’s already causing a shift in the design world.

BMW i7 launches with a metaverse-style campaign
The new, all-electric BMW i7 is being launched with a unique photo and video series by influential fashion photographer Nick Knight, taking the viewer into an emerging era of “Forwardism.” It’s easy to see the influence of the metaverse and digital art in the campaign, which aims to turn classic visual behavior on its head in an embrace of the future. BMW

Designer brings virtual world look & feel to promote real products
It’s Nice That profiles designer Luka Lenie, who discusses the realities of a rising generation of young creatives searching for innovative ways to tackle a design world suspended between an online and offline ecosystem, and how to integrate the influences of both into new and novel practices. It’s Nice That

Filmmaker chooses metaverse visuals for meditative short film
When Maitry Rao wanted to create a “calming and meditative exploration of the potential of one’s imagination” the filmmaker chose to use virtual world building tools for her short. “I embrace it since it provokes me to emote by dancing within my whimsical world,” she adds in an interview. Vimeo

Crate & Barrel names SVP of metaverse and design
The home decor brand has promoted its VP of product design and development to a new role where he will also oversee the company’s metaverse ambitions and web3 strategy, bridging the physical and digital worlds through design thinking, collaboration and creativity. Press Release

Combining clay models with virtual renderings is the future of car design
Digital 3D modeling and VR is on track to change the auto industry nearly as much as clay modeling did a century ago, when GM pioneered it in the 1930’s. By combining the tactality of a clay model with the digital and mathematical manipulations possible in a virtual environment, car companies can simplify, speed up, and enjoy supercharged efficiencies, as well as next-generation concepting, during the design process. BI

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