Xi Jinping calls for action against ‘unfair’ development of the digital economy

The development of the digital economy is not only a major change in economic development, but it is also an important revolution in industrial and commercial patterns and a significant reform in the economic system,” Xi said at a conference on the digital economy, according to a report by getindianews.com.

Xi said that China’s digital economy should be governed by laws and regulations and that independent supervision mechanisms should be set up to tackle its “unhealthy” developments.

The state should carry out reforms to encourage innovation, upgrade traditional industries and pursue high-quality growth while it should also create a market environment that is fair and competitive, he said.

China’s internet giants have grown rapidly through acquisitions of foreign technology firms and aggressive marketing of their products. The country’s top three search engines — Baidu, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s Taobao Marketplace, and Tencent Holdings Ltd’s WeChat — have formed an oligopoly in recent years.

Xi Jinping calls for action against ‘unfair’ development of the digital economy

In an essay in the ruling Communist Party’s journal Qiushi on 15th January, Xi called for a focus on key areas such as integrated circuits, displays, communication devices, and smart hardware.

Xi Jinping also asked for regulation and standardization to close the regulatory gap and avoid “monopolies and disorderly capital expansion” in the world’s second-largest economy.

China must be working to improve its national security system, with emphasis on strengthening the digital economy’s early warning, prevention, and control systems to ensure the safety of its citizens. Key technologies, key industries and facilities, strategic resources, and leading companies.

Xi’s essay follows a plan released on 12th January by China’s Digital Economy Development Cabinet, which aims to increase the industry’s share of national GDP by promoting technologies such as 6G and other technologies. Big data center.

The plan also spread light on challenges, including a lack of innovation capacity in key areas and weak governance.

Xi said the digital economy has become a new highlight of economic and social development, but it also faces new challenges from both within and outside China.

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