Western Governors University, City of Sunland Park sign Partnership to Make Higher Education More Accessible

Western Governors University (WGU) and the City ofSunland Park launched a new partnership agreement to create seamless transfer pathways for cityemployees who want to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree with WGU Texas.

The partnership will encourage the City of Sunland Park’s 90 employees to pursue educationalopportunities to advance their personal goals and the work of the city. The City of Sunland Park supportsthe upskilling of their employees and the collaboration with WGU is designed to fit into busy work andhome schedules.

“WGU is excited to assist city employees achieve their higher education and career goals,” said LindaBattles, Regional Vice President. “Our partnership with the City of Sunland Park will provide employeeswith individualized, competency-based learning that allows them the flexibility to earn their degree attheir own pace while juggling work and family responsibilities.”

Located in Doña Ana County, the City of Sunland Park is home to a population of more than 17,600. Thecity has a workforce of 90 plus employees. WGU serves more than 136,000 students nationwide,including 600 students across New Mexico and 26 in Doña Ana County. Eighty percent of WGU studentshold full-and part-time jobs.

Through the agreement with WGU, the City of Sunland Park employees may select among more than 60accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in K-12 teaching, information technology, business, and health professions. Qualifying employees receive special benefits including:

“The partnership with WGU offers professional development pathways for career advancement andsupports our efforts to upskill and retain highly-qualified employees,” said Javier Perea, Sunland ParkMayor. “We are excited to partner with WGU in order to provide an extra benefit for our employees andto provide non-traditional ways to pursue educational opportunities.”

WGU, which offers affordable tuition and a competency-based model, maintains impactful and lastingrelationships with reputable businesses across the country. Through partnerships like the one with theCity of Sunland Park, individuals of all backgrounds are given the opportunity to pursue educationalgoals that can transform their lives.

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