The 15 Best Apps For Business Professionals Who Want Less Stress

As a business professional, you're likely juggling multiple responsibilities, both in your work and personal life. With so much to take care of, any small way to reduce stress can make a huge impact.

Many leaders have found some programs and mobile apps that make their daily to-dos a little more manageable, from streamlining their workflow or improving their mental health. Check out these 15 tried-and-true apps, recommended by the members of Forbes Business Council to make your day-to-day professional life less stressful.

1. Roam Research

The biggest challenge many business leaders face is codifying massive amounts of disparate information into a usable and accessible knowledge graph. That's what Roam Research does at the intersection of personal, informational and high-level work, from reading and videos to events. Ideas are available on-demand and in combinations complete with context. - Ed Marsh,, Inc.

2. Bloom

One app that has allowed me to start every morning off with a peaceful and positive mindset is Bloom. While I use a host of productivity and scheduling apps that allow me to organize my time efficiently, Bloom provides me with a couple of minutes to myself every morning. I cherish this moment of my routine because it provides me with the space to tune into my intuition. - Jean Paul Paulynice, Empowering Confident Youth

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3. Todoist

The 15 Best Apps For Business Professionals Who Want Less Stress

My best helper is Todoist. This app helps me to plan and manage my tasks on a daily basis. The idea is that we all have 24 hours per day, and we need to solve both business and personal tasks within this period of time. All the tasks are aggregated, prioritized and reminded of if required. - Vlad Vahromovs, Intellectsoft

4. Asana

I'm a recent Asana convert. I've always been a fierce to-do list maker—and used judiciously, this is the ultimate collaborative to-do list. It's not just a list of tasks; it is larger projects and the collaborative conversation around the tasks and projects. It really teases out the actionable items from the chatter around them. - Esther Kestenbaum Prozan, Ruby Has Fulfillment

5. iFit

I work out every morning, and iFit sets the pace for the rest of my day. It's easy—you pick a workout from their library of thousands of options, do the workout with a motivating trainer and enjoy the results post-workout. For me, a morning workout sets the tone for the rest of my day! - Mihir Pathak, Mayvenn

6. Choco

I absolutely love Choco. This app allows our 17 coffee shops to place all vendor orders through a single click in one app. We get to empower leaders to make purchasing decisions while being able to keep track of orders and inventory. Simple yet extremely helpful. - Brandon Pena, 787 Coffee

7. Calm

The Calm meditation app gives peace of mind to the anxious, depressed or isolated—or anyone looking to be less distracted or more present with their family. Meditation helps me with anxiety and sleeping problems. Research shows that meditation can help improve mental health, chronic pain and even high blood pressure! Particularly through the pandemic, it's been a lifesaver! - Evan William Kirstel, eViRa

8. Trello

Trello is an app that has allowed all our employees, remote and in-person, to stay up-to-date and informed. We have many employees that travel to complete various jobs. Being able to communicate with the whole company instantaneously keeps our clients and employees well informed and better equipped to solve problems together. - Rick Allen, Midwest Enviro Solutions

9. Trillian

Trillian is a messaging app that allows me to greatly reduce the number of emails in my inbox. I communicate with our full-time team members and contractors through Trillian. Email inboxes can get overwhelming and sometimes you miss some emails from team members, so Trillian allows people to contact me quickly. - Beth Worthy, GMR Transcription Services, Inc

10. Notion

Notion has been a game-changer for reducing stress levels, as it combines project management and note-taking in one. The app allows me to manage clients, employees, projects and more. I'm able to brain dump new ideas, take notes on anything and help compartmentalize all my thoughts. Being able to clear my head and create clarity has been instrumental in reducing stress levels. - Marcus Chan, Venli Consulting Group

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the best all-around business app for sharing content, networking and engaging with employees, partners, peers, clients and investors—current and potential. It's also the best learning app to find out what's going on in business, as well as find people you need to connect with to do business all over the world. Can't imagine life without it! - Chris J "Mohawk" Reed, Black Marketing

12. Focus To-Do

I love the Focus To-Do app—a Pomodoro Timer that also supports lists. I use it to create distraction-free sprints that make me so much more productive. I'm constantly interrupted by emails, calls, conversations and social media updates, so this app helps me really get in the zone. I especially like that it's integrated with my lists so that I can see and measure how productive I am. - Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing

13. ClickUp

ClickUp has made a big impact on me and my team's productivity. It's great for keeping everyone properly organized and focused on the right tasks at the right time. It also serves as my own personal daily dashboard of top priorities across the business. - Kevin Namaky, Gurulocity Brand Management Institute

14. Slack

Slack is my go-to business app for communicating internally. Instead of losing discussions in endless email chains, we simply create a project channel and all communications across the team for that project are shared within that feed. Its simple search function makes it very easy to pull up older posts and ultimately, it enables us to be much more efficient with our time management. - Will van der Sanden, Dux-Soup

15. The Grayscale Feature

My most effective stress reducer is not an app—it's actually the grayscale (black and white) feature on my iPhone. By changing my screen to grayscale, I am no longer seduced by the red badges indicating notifications or messages waiting for me on apps. No more enticing, bright and shiny alerts. My phone works for me now instead of the other way around so I'm not constantly catching up; I stay ahead. - Hilmon Sorey, ClozeLoop

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