One World Nation Launches Learn-To-Earn Game On Polygon To Bring GameFi To The Crypto Market And The Masses

As blockchain enters the new era of the metaverse, gamification across areas such as trading and the metaverse is impending, with One World Nation (OWN) leading the way by gamifying the crypto markets on the Polygon network

BENGALURU, INDIA / ACCEWSWIRE / May 19, 2022 / One World Nation (OWN), a project that seeks to bring about disruptive change on how crypto markets are perceived, today has unveiled plans to collaborate with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to Web3, to build an ecosystem-based upon fundamental facets the crypto markets to ensure that newcomers can enter the space with ease and without overexposure to ‘fud.’

OWN has developed a quasi learn/play-to-earn gaming infrastructure built upon the gamification of cryptocurrency trading and market activity through their upcoming project.

OWN personifies various cryptocurrencies into lively characters called Cryptonites. Players can own these Cryptonites and play interesting games around gamified crypto markets. Users can create their portfolios, predict the price of various cryptos, and partake in decentralized finance (DeFi) based activities. While doing this they can learn about coin selection, track price moments and learn about the wider crypto ecosystem.

GameFi has taken the blockchain world by storm – primarily within emerging Web3 technologies. Yet, despite the 52% of Americans who believe crypto is ‘a way to save the future’, only 12% actually actively dabble in the space, emphasizing the barriers between cryptocurrency and the general public. Yet by introducing an ecosystem that wields traditional gaming and incorporates cryptocurrency trading, the masses can begin to interact with trading in a financially inclusive and independent means.

Akhil Gupta, Co-founder at OWN, said ‘Cryptocurrency trading undeniably needs to be more accessible and enjoyable for adoption to ever happen. Infusing GameFi and trading technology upon the Polygon network is enabling us to remap the way in which we interact with blockchain-based games and how newcomers approach cryptocurrency trading.’

To create a more sustainable NFT economy OWN is drawing from Play-To-Earn NFT conventions, but improving on them. Where, the pool of NFT rewards appears to be endless, Cryptonites have a limited supply that will mimic the real world supply of different cryptocurrencies. For example, the supply of Bitcoin Cryptonites will be finite, mimicking the ever-decreasing supply of Bitcoin, whereas Ethereum Cryptonites will have an infinite supply with a burning mechanism. This way the players will learn characteristics of various different blockchains. OWN will be minting their Genesis NFTs May 20th, followed by the launch of the game ecosystem on June 20th.

One World Nation Launches Learn-To-Earn Game On Polygon To Bring GameFi To The Crypto Market And The Masses

Chad Huggins, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Polygon Studios stated: ‘We commit ourselves to fostering an environment in which projects seeking to hone Polygon technology can thrive and unleash their full potential. With OWN bridging the gap between GameFi and cryptocurrency trading, they have the power to introduce the masses to the potential of blockchain and prompt adoption on a broader scale.’


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About One World Nation

OWN is a blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming platform. On the OWN platform, crypto coins comes to life as NFT characters and the NFT owners can play games linked to the crypto market and earn rewards every day. OWN has raised funding from Polygon Studios, Indigg, Better Capital, Cloud Capital and a bunch of other angel investors.
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