New products: bamboo keyboard and more

Bamboo keyboard from Impecca looks %22sleek%2C contemporary%22

Ventev has compact chargers for a wide variety of gadgets

New Nikon Coolpix comes with social sharing options

Bamboo offers a cool new way to log on

We've become so accustomed to seeing plastic computer keyboards that the first glimpse of the bamboo keyboards and mice from a company called


will probably startle you — in a good way. That's because they look so sleek and contemporary: They are items you can imagine fitting in with the Zen décor of your apartment or wherever else you work and surf the Web. Plus, the tactile sensation of tapping on wood feels so much better than plastic. Available in a natural bamboo hue, a wired version of the keyboard and mouse costs $80. Operating on a 2.4GHz frequency, the wireless version of the keyboard and mouse costs about $100 and is available in four colors: natural, cherry, mahogany and walnut.

You will dig this Mummy

A new line of protective cases for the iPhone certainly comes with a catchy name: "The Mummy." But if you think about it, the name is apt: It's a protective covering for something you treasure, at least in this life. In essence, the cases from developer

Loop Attachment

snugly sheath your iPhone and do double-duty as a credit card/ID holder. Made from a squishy silicone material, the case has a variety of cross hatches that keep your cards in place without totally covering the back of your phone. Available for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4/4S, the cases cost $25 each.

When it comes to recharging, think small

It's great that we have been able to move away from the days when the chargers for your electronic gizmos used to take up half the space in your backpack: The age of miniaturization is here and


ups the options with a variety of compact chargers sporting a sleek black finish. A few tempting examples: Slim enough to tuck into a shirt pocket, the Wallport e1100 charger has a pull-out plug for an electrical outlet and a USB port for charging a device. It costs $20. Need to quickly charge two devices at once? Priced at $30, the fast-working Wallport r2200 has two USB ports for charging two gadgets at the same time. The Dashport r1200 mini, provides quick charges in the car for $20. All three models also can be purchased with a variety of charging cables for $25 to $40. Want a charger that works at home and in the car? The Utilitycharger 2100 can be plugged into an electrical outlet as well as a car adapter. It costs $40.

Seamlessly share your pics

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the


COOLPIX S6500 camera makes it easy to share uploaded pictures and HD videos with friends and family. Using a wireless app, you can wirelessly transmit photos to smartphones, tablets and other compatible devices. The slim 16-megapixel camera also sports a 12x optical zoom and a 3-inch color display. Don't like what you see? Retouch editing tools let you reduce dark circles under eyes, whiten yellow teeth, brighten skin tones and redden cheeks with a digital "blush." Available in silver, black, red and orange, the camera costs about $200.

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