Made in Pakistan Phone Under Samsung is Launched

Made in Pakistan Phone Launched Today

A proud moment for Pakistanis is that we can now have locally manufactured smartphones. Politicians affiliated with PTI turned to social media earlier today to express their views on the current government’s policies. Samsung and Lucky Group have officially introduced the smartphone, according to their official Twitter handle. Pakistan is unquestionably progressing, and there is no turning back at this point.

Samsung and Lucky Group Joined Hands in 2021

The companies came together on the deal in July 2021. LMC and Samsung Gulf Electronics have teamed up to produce Samsung products in Pakistan. After the agreement, the work began, and the result is now available. Bin Qasim Industrial Park, where the LMC factory is located. In December 2021, a representative of the same corporation declared that smartphone production had been completed.

Made in Pakistan Phone Under Samsung is Launched

The country will rise to new heights and people will look up to the state as a result of this action. For Pakistanis, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Thank you for all of your support. With any luck, it will lead to more job openings in the industry.

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