Ireland: What Is Blockchain And What Are The Legal Challenges?


This technology only emerged over 10 years ago from a paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic CashSystem" written by Satoshi Nakamoto (or a person orpersons using a pseudonym... the mystery continues). Is it allabout Bitcoin? No. It's more than all thecryptocurrencies.

Ireland: What Is Blockchain And What Are The Legal Challenges?

Like many technologies, it was invented to solve one problem andothers saw its potential for use elsewhere.

Blockchain: An Introduction

Matheson's Technology and Innovation Group have prepared aninteractive Introduction to Blockchain publication toanswer key questions such as:

What are the Uses for Blockchain?

Our publication sets out a number of examples ofhow Blockchain is being used, or new projects that are underway,including:

What are the Legal Challenges?

As with all new technologies, new legal challenges emerge thatneed to be addressed and solved, including:

As with all technology, trust is key.

Trust comes with greater global awareness (without the hype andhorror stories), actively delivering on the promise of a greenerfuture, and solving the legal challenges head-on.

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