Indian American Muslim Council rebuts Indian govt's "false allegations" of terror links

In a statement, IAMC has denied all these allegations and "challenged" Minister Naqvi and the Indian government to furnish evidence to prove even one of these baseless and fraudulent claims. The statement said, "IAMC does not have ties to Pakistan, ISI or SIMI. IAMC has zero history of spreading communal violence in India."

IAMC is a 20-year-old bonafide nonprofit registered as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States with a strong history of advocacy with the US Congress and the US Government in partnership with global civil society, the statement informed.

Indian American Muslim Council rebuts Indian govt's

"As Indian Americans we believe this is the time for all who care about India and its people, wherever they may live, to stand up and be counted in the struggle to save India’s secular democracy. Many of us were born and raised in India and although we have chosen to make America our home, we have deep cultural, familial and emotional ties to India. These ties to the country of our birth are our primary impetus to speak up in regards to the grave dangers that confront Indian society today.

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