How to take on technology adoption for your company


Technology adoption is about evolving with innovation, and starting small builds the foundation needed to keep pace and grow. For example, our current upgrade for one of our manufacturing systems needs to be completed before we tackle something bigger. Pilot campaigns teach you how to anticipate and avoid the issues from a smaller perspective before having to confront them on a larger scale. The information you accumulate at each incremental phase allows you to build a stronger plan for the most efficient organizational deployment.

Starting small also builds a foundation of confidence. As a business leader, easing into technology lets me feel more confident in the company’s ability to transition and my ability to lead us into the future. My team notices when we hit technology milestones by vetting the process before the upgrade goes company-wide. A lack of preparation can make people feel frustrated with the new technology, affecting their work and the team’s energy. Starting small allows everyone to expect the transition and feel comfortable asking questions and building on the experience of those who have already gone through it.

How to take on technology adoption for your company

When you start small with technology adoption, each improvement builds on the previous one, growing your technological capacity alongside the scale of your company. Start small, and the next project will go much more smoothly. By the full rollout, you and your team will feel confident enough to handle it as a company. Starting small requires patience, which may not be easy as innovation races around you, but good things come to those who start small and grow.

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