Hadley offers Invaluable Help for Visually Impaired Travelers to Make the Most of Vacation

WINNETKA, Ill., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Many of us are looking forward to traveling again this summer. For the millions of older Americans with visual impairments, however, traveling may seem like more of a challenge, especially if their eye condition is new to them. But with a little preparation and proper resources, those with low vision or blindness can continue to enjoy traveling.

Hadley, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, can help. With Hadley, people discover new ways to navigate everyday life; ways that don't rely so much on vision. All conveniently from their home. All completely free of charge.

Hadley's online learning platform, Hadley.edu, is built on many months of research and development and based on the needs, wants and desires of visually impaired adults, offering workshops and tutorials on hundreds of useful topics, including Hadley's popular Travel Talk, a monthly discussion group providing helpful hints covering train, bus, plane, and cruise travel as well as practical information on traveling from a low vision perspective.

 Hadley offers Invaluable Help for Visually Impaired Travelers to Make the Most of Vacation

Planning ahead and learning as much as possible about your travel destination is important. Make sure to let your travel agency, bus line, airline, or any other travel service you are using, know that you are visually impaired. Visitors' bureaus can also guide visually impaired vacationers in selecting the right tour package and help personalize the trip.

Advances is technology for the visually impaired has also been a gamechanger for travel. Hadley offers expert tutorials on using your smart phone to make the most of your trip, including how to use Microsoft's free app, Seeing AI which accesses your phone's camera to audibly describes things like signs, currency, products, people and scenery.

Dr. Wendy David, noted author on traveling with vision loss, has been a frequent guest on Hadley Presents: A Conversation with the Experts, a podcast covering a variety of topics for those who are visually impaired or blind. "Don't be afraid to get out and explore when traveling. There's always people around who are always happy to help you," said David.

And Hadley's monthly Travel Talk call-in group is a chance to learn and share with other visually impaired travelers. Dial in to the group by phone or computer or even sign up to have Hadley call you to join in.

Contact Hadley at 800-323-4238 for more information, or visit www.hadley.edu,


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