Farandole Announces the Launch of Its Global NFT Marketplace for Wine & Spirits on the Avalanche Blockchain


May 18th – Farandole is excited to announce the launch of its global NFT marketplace for fine wines and spirits (NFT = Non-Fungible Token). This innovative and user-friendly platform directly connects producers and consumers, allowing the trade of fine wines and rare spirits by leveraging blockchain technology. This ensures that appropriate royalties go to producers, brands and sellers on each transaction, while providing authentication of purchase and a faster cheaper solution for consumers. Farandole’s technology guarantees quality as it tracks the bottle during the entire product lifecycle: from the supplier to the end buyer.

Launched in December 2021, Farandole has a team with expertise in: wine & spirits, blockchain engineering, web & 3D design, and marketing for wine & spirits, luxury and art. Similar to the internet’s impact on traditional industries, Farandole’s marketplace aims to disrupt and modernise the wine & spirits industry by shining a light on solutions offered by the decentralized web (Web 3).

Farandole’s name stems from a dance originated in the South of France, where dancers are linked together in a long chain. The name symbolizes unity, trust, traditional values toward hospitality, and the collective of many individuals in one coherent forward-looking group. It is also a reference to the company’s CEO, Maxime Hamonic, whose family produced sparkling wine in the Limoux region.

The soft launch of Farandole’s marketplace will be in mid-May, while the official launch will come on 30 June, 2022. Public token sales and product launches have also been scheduled with DEX/CEX listings.

Ownership can be easily tracked as wine & spirits buyers will get the digital asset along with a proof of ownership that is stored on the blockchain. Each time the digital product (NFT) is traded, the physical bottle stays in its optimal conditions at a professional storage warehouse, and will only leave storage when it is time to be enjoyed. This also lowers deliveries and reduces impact on the climate.

The asset’s authenticity and integrity will be 100% guaranteed as the smart contract is shared publicly and permanently on the blockchain. This eliminates the lengthy due diligence processes for authenticity. Wine traceability and qualitative data such as temperature and pressure will also be stored to guarantee the safekeeping of the asset.

In addition to the marketplace platform, Farandole will launch a Showroom in the metaverse, allowing brands to showcase their products and educate consumers about upcoming product releases. Farandole also has its own membership club that will enable special perks on the Farandole marketplace as well as through physical and virtual events.

Farandole Announces the Launch of Its Global NFT Marketplace for Wine & Spirits on the Avalanche Blockchain

“Growing up surrounded by wines from the Limoux region of France, I am personally eager to show how our product can tackle the authentication issue that the wine industry struggles with today. Through the use of NFTs, we hope to democratise the industry and attract a new audience of enthusiasts that can collect and learn more about the beautiful wines & spirits that we have on offer.” – Maxime Hamonic, CEO of Farandole.

Upcoming Collaborations:

Maison Bouey

Farandole are thrilled to be collaborating with Maison Bouey to release the 2022 En Primeurs season of wines. Wines from fifteen Grands Crus Classés Châteaux from Bordeaux will be released as NFTs on the Farandole marketplace. Maison Bouey has been active and innovative within the NFT space, having launched the first-ever NFTs for Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wines at the latest edition of WineParis.

Farandole and Maison Bouey are launching a collection of NFTs that will give buyers future access to a case of 6 En Primeur wine bottles. These will be released through the Farandole marketplace from mid-May onwards. Buyers will be able to purchase NFTs with a credit card for the first time. It will also be possible to buy the NFTs with AVAX, the Avalanche cryptocurrency upon which Farandole’s marketplace is built. Farandole will create an exclusive Bouey Club for their community of wine and NFT enthusiasts, and real-life wine dinners are planned around the NFT collection in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Toques and Clochers

For its upcoming 33rd Edition, Toques and Clochers, France’s second-largest auction, is partnering with Farandole. Together, they will offer the winners of 1 barrel and 4 specially designed mathusalems bottles the opportunity to turn their wines into NFT collectibles and enjoy exclusive offers.

Several distinguished sommeliers from the Occitania region have selected the best wines of the 2021 vintage for wine collectors’ and investors’ bidding.

A committee of experts, led by Remy Fournié, will also gather to taste and rate each barrel available for auction prior to the event. The auction is part of a more significant charity event organised by Sieur d’Arques, a local wine co-operative, where gastronomic chefs, including 3 Michelin Star chef, Glenn Viel, will act as ambassadors. This auction will open on May 11th and close on May 21st, 2022.

For more information, visit Farandole’s website at: https://www.farandole.io/

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