English language requirements - The University of Sydney

Our courses require proficiency in English so that you can cope with lectures, tutorials, assignments and examinations.

Your first language is English

If English is your first language, you need to have citizenship or permanent long-term residency (minimum ten years) and completed secondary or higher education (tertiary) studies in an English-speaking country recognised by the University (see country list below).

Some variations apply to specific degrees which have external registration/accreditation requirements. Refer to the relevant Postgraduate or Undergraduate sections for more information.

Your first language is not English

English language requirements - The University of Sydney

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of your English proficiency before you can commence your studies at the University.

You can do this by demonstrating that you have completed specific secondary or tertiary qualifications, by taking an English language skills test, or by completing a relevant English language course at the University’s Centre for English Teaching.

English language skills tests we accept:

To convert scores between these tests, use our concordance table (pdf, 139KB).

*For some degrees, this test may not be accepted due to specific external registration/accreditation requirements. Check the course page for details.

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