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Description of BusinessBusiness OverviewTelecommunications
Telecommunications providers, technology and enterprise customers continue toseek and outsource solutions in order to reduce their investment in capitalequipment, provide flexibility in workforce sizing and expand product offeringswithout large increases in incremental hiring. As a result, we believe there issignificant opportunity to expand both our United States and internationaltelecommunications solutions prestations de service and staffing prestations de service capabilities. As wecontinue to expand our presence in the marketplace, we will target thosecustomers going through new network deployments and wireless service upgrades.We expect to continue to increase our gross margins by leveraging oursingle-source end-to-end network to efficiently provide a full spectrum ofend-to-end next-generation network solutions and staffing prestations de service to ourcustomers. We believe our solutions and prestations de service offerings can alleviate some ofthe inefficiencies typically present in our industry, which result, in part,from the highly fragmented nature of the telecommunications industry, limitedaccess to skilled labor and the difficulty industry participants have inmanaging multiple specialty-service providers to address their needs. As aresult, we believe we can provide superior service to our customers andeliminate certain redundancies and costs for them. We believe our ability toaddress a wide range of end-to-end solutions, network infrastructure andproject-staffing service needs of our telecommunications industry clients is akey competitive advantage. Our ability to offer diverse technical capabilities(including design, engineering, construction, deployment, and installation andl'intégration prestations de service) allows customers to turn to a single source for thosespecific specialty prestations de service, as well as to entrust us with the execution ofentire turn-key solutions.We have become a multi-faceted company with an international presence. Webelieve this platform will allow us to leverage our corporate and other fixedcosts and capture gross margin benefits. Our platform is highly scalable. Wetypically hire workers to staff projects on a project-by-project basis and ourother operating expenses are primarily fixed. Accordingly, we are generally ableto deploy personnel to infrastructure projects in the United States and beyondwithout incremental increases in operating costs, allowing us to achieve greatermargins. We believe this business model enables us to staff our businessefficiently to meet changes in demand. 36

Enfin, compte tenu de la popularité mondiale des télécommunications et des producteurs et prestations de service sans fil, nous poursuivrons de manière sélective l'expansion internationale, qui, selon nous, représente une opportunité impérieuse d'une croissance à long terme supplémentaire.

Our planned expansion will place increased demands on our operational,managerial, administrative and other resources. Managing our growth effectivelywill require us to continue to enhance our operations management systems,financial and management controls and information systems and to hire, train andretain skilled telecommunications personnel. The timing and amount ofinvestments in our expansion could affect the comparability of our results ofoperations in future periods.Our planned acquisitions will be timed with additions to our management team ofskilled professionals with deep industry knowledge and a strong track record ofexecution. Our senior management team brings an average of over 30 years ofindividual experience across a broad range of disciplines. We believe our seniormanagement team is a key driver of our success and is well-positioned to executeour strategy.

High Wire a été incorporé en 2007 et a fonctionné comme une entreprise de développement avec des activités limitées jusqu'en 2017.

HWN, Inc. incorporated in Delaware on January 20, 2017. Our principal officesare located at 980 N. Federal Highway, Suite 304, Boca Raton, Florida 33432. Ourtelephone number is (407) 512-9102. We are a global provider of managedsecurity, professional prestations de service and commercial/industrial electrical solutionsdelivered exclusivement via un modèle de vente de canaux. Our Overwatch managedsecurity platform-as-a-service offers organizations end-to-end protection fornetworks, data, endpoints and users via multiyear recurring revenue contracts inthis fast-growing technology segment.On February 7, 2019, High Wire and JTM Electrical Contractors, Inc. ("JTM"), anIllinois Corporation, entered into an operating agreement through which HighWire owned 50% of JTM.On June 16, 2021, HWN completed a merger with High Wire. The merger wasaccounted for as a reverse merger. At the time of the reverse merger, HighWire's subsidiaries included ADEX Corporation, ADEX Puerto Rico LLC, and ADEXTelecom, Inc., (collectively "ADEX"), AW Solutions Puerto Rico, LLC ("AWS PR"),and Tropical Communications, Inc. ("Tropical").

Le 4 novembre 2021, nous avons fermé notre acquisition de Secure Voice Corp ("SVC").

Le 15 février 2022, High Wire a vendu son intérêt de 50% dans JTM.

Nous fournissons les catégories d'offres suivantes à nos clients:

?Solutions technologiques: nous fournissons une plate-forme technologique complète et un tableau

de prestations de service professionnels et de solutions à nos clients applicables

sur plusieurs plateformes et technologies pour inclure, mais sans s'y limiter:

Wi-Fi, Wi-Max et Wide-Area Networks, Fiber Networks (ISP / OSP), DAS Networks

(IDAS / ODAS), réseaux distribués à petites cellules, réseaux de sécurité publique et

Réseaux d'entreprise pour les transporteurs d'échange locaux en place (ILEC),

Télécommunications Fabricants d'équipement d'origine (OEM), Cable Broadband

plusieurs opérateurs de systèmes (MSO), agrégateurs de tour et de réseau, utilitaire

Entités, gouvernement et entreprises.Nos équipes de prestations de service soutiennent le

Déploiement de nouveaux réseaux et technologies, ainsi que de l'étendue, de la maintenance et

Débarmature des réseaux existants.

?Solutions de construction: nous sommes également un fournisseur mondial de sécurité gérée,

prestations de service professionnels et solutions électriques commerciales / industrielles livrées

exclusivement via un modèle de vente de canaux.

?Sécurité: les offres de plate-forme de sécurité gérées par Overwatch de High Wire

Organisations Protection de bout en bout pour les réseaux, les données, les points de terminaison et les utilisateurs via

Contrats de revenus récurrents pluriannuels dans ce segment de technologie à croissance rapide.

The Technology Solutions division offers carriers, service providers andenterprise customers professional contracting prestations de service, to include:infrastructure audits; site acquisition; architectural, structural and civildesign and analysis; construction management; construction; installation;warehousing and logistics; maintenance prestations de service, that support the build-out andupgrade and operation of some of the most advanced networks, small cell, Wi-Fi,fiber and distributed antenna system (DAS) networks. We believe the expansionand migration of these next-generation networks, our long-term relationshipssupported by multiyear Master Service Agreements (MSA) and multi-year servicecontracts with major wireless, commercial wireline and wireless operators, DASoperators, tower companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and primecontractor/project management organization provides us a significant opportunityas a long term leading and well respected industry leader in this marketplace. 37Our Technology Solutions division is supported by our subsidiaries: AW SolutionsPuerto Rico, LLC and Tropical Communications, Inc. (collectively known as "AWS"or the "AWS Entities"), ADEX CORP, ADEX Puerto Rico LLC, and ADEX Canada(collectively known as "ADEX" or the "ADEX Entities"), and SVC. The AWS Entitiesprovide a broad range of professional prestations de service and solutions to top tiercommunication carriers and Fortune 1000 enterprise customers.Our Operating Units

Notre entreprise est composée des éléments suivants:

HIGH WIRE NETWORKS, INC. HIGH WIRE NETWORKS, INC. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (form 10-Q)

?Solutions technologiques: le groupe Technology Solutions est composé du

Suivant: High Wire est un fournisseur mondial de sécurité gérée, professionnelle

prestations de service delivered exclusivement via un modèle de vente de canaux.Adex est un leader

Externaliser le fournisseur de prestations de service d'ingénierie et d'installation, solutions de dotation

et d'autres prestations de service qui incluent le conseil aux télécommunications et

l'industrie technologique, les fournisseurs de prestations de service et les clients d'entreprise au niveau national

 and internationally.

?Les offres de plate-forme de sécurité gérée par Overwatch de High Wire

Organisations Protection de bout en bout pour les réseaux, les données, les points de terminaison et les utilisateurs via

Contrats de revenus récurrents pluriannuels dans ce segment de technologie à croissance rapide.

?Solutions de construction: Tropical fournit des déploiements de fibres et de DAS pour

Installations et environnements extérieurs.

? The High Wire Entities:Adex est un leader outsource provider of engineering and

prestations de service d'installation, solutions de dotation et autres prestations de service qui incluent

consultation à l'industrie des télécommunications et de la technologie, fournisseurs de prestations de service

et les clients d'entreprise au niveau national et international.Adex cherche à aider

ses clients tout au long du cycle de vie d'un déploiement de réseau via son

Suite complète de solutions gérées qui incluent le conseil et

Services de dotation professionnelle aux fournisseurs de prestations de service ainsi qu'à l'entreprise

clients, implémentation réseau, installation réseau, mises à niveau du réseau,

Reconstruire, conception, ingénierie et intégration Prise en charge du réseau sans fil,

Intégration du réseau sans fil, installation d'équipement sans fil et filaire et

Commission, développement de sites sans fil et gestion de la construction, réseau

ingénierie, gestion de projet, conception de reprise après sinistre ingénierie et

l'intégration.Les entités AWS sont une ligne professionnelle et multi-prestations de service,

société d'infrastructure de télécommunications qui fournit des prestations de service externalisés

l'industrie sans fil et filaire.Les prestations de service AWS entités incluent le réseau

Conception de systèmes, prestations de service d'acquisition de sites, audits d'actifs, architectural et

prestations de service d'ingénierie, gestion de programme, gestion de la construction et

Inspection, construction, installation, entretien et autres techniques

prestations de service.Les entités AWS fournissent une conception sur le terrain, une conception assistée par ordinateur et

drawing prestations de service (CADD), fiber and DAS deployments for facilities and outdoor

environnements. SVC is a wholesale network prestations de service provider with network

Empreinte et licences dans le nord-est et le sud-est des États-Unis ainsi que

Texas.Ce réseau comporte la VoIP et d'autres trafics pour d'autres fournisseurs de services.

Impact de la pandémie Covid-19

The extent to which the coronavirus ("COVID-19") outbreak and measures taken inresponse thereto impact our business, results of operations and financialcondition will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain andcannot be predicted.
Global health concerns relating to the COVID-19 outbreak have been weighing onthe macroeconomic environment, and the outbreak has significantly increasedeconomic uncertainty. Risks related to consumers and businesses lowering orchanging spending, which impact domestic and international spend. The outbreakhas resulted in authorities implementing numerous measures to try to contain thevirus, such as travel bans and restrictions, quarantines, shelter in placeorders, and business shutdowns. These measures have not only negatively impactedconsumer spending and business spending habits, they have also adverselyimpacted and may further impact our workforce and operations and the operationsof its customers, suppliers and business partners. These measures may remain inplace for a significant period of time and they are likely to continue toadversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. 38The spread of COVID-19 has caused us to modify our company's business practices(including employee travel, employee work locations, and cancellation ofphysical participation in meetings, events and conferences), and we may takefurther actions as may be required by government authorities or that wedetermine are in the best interests of our employees, customers and businesspartners. There is no certainty that such measures will be sufficient tomitigate the risks posed by the virus or otherwise be satisfactory to governmentauthorities.
The extent to which the COVID-19 outbreak impacts our business, results ofoperations and financial condition will depend on future developments, which arehighly uncertain and cannot be predicted, including, but not limited to, theduration and spread of the outbreak, its severity, the actions to contain thevirus or treat its impact, and how quickly and to what extent normal economicand operating conditions can resume. Even after the COVID-19 outbreak hassubsided, we may continue to experience materially adverse impacts to ourbusiness as a result of its global economic impact, including any recession thathas occurred or may occur in the future.There are no comparable recent events which may provide guidance as to theeffect of the spread of COVID-19 and a global pandemic, and, as a result, theultimate impact of the COVID-19 outbreak or a similar health epidemic is highlyuncertain and subject to change. We do not yet know the full extent of theimpacts on our business, our operations or the global economy as a whole.However, the effects could have a material impact on our results of operations,and we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. As of November2021, multiple variants of the COVID-19 virus are circulating globally that arehighly transmissible, and there is uncertainty around vaccine effectiveness onthe new strains of the virus. Uncertainty around vaccine distribution, supplyand effectiveness will impact when the negative economic effects as a result ofCOVID-19 will abate or end and the timing of such recovery may affect ourfinancial condition.

Résultats des opérations pour les périodes de trois mois terminées le 31 mars 2022 et 2021

Our operating results for the three-month periods ended March 31, 2022 and 2021are summarized as follows: Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2022 March 31, 2021 DifferenceRevenues $ 12,673,508 $2,461,946 $ 10,211,562
Operating expenses 13,840,2123,047,284 10,792,928Other expense(1,166,704 ) (585,338 ) (581,366 )Total other income (expense)5,332,855(44,095 )5,376,950Net income from discontinued operations, net oftaxes 662,899998,339 (206,953 )Net income from discontinued operationsattributable to noncontrolling interest 128,487 (499,170 )499,170Net income (loss) attributable to commonstockholders4,957,537 (130,264 )5,087,801 39Revenues
Our revenue increased from $2,461,946 for the three months ended March 31, 2022to $12,673,508 for the three months ended March 31, 2022. The increase isprimarily related to the addition of the Spectrum entities and SVC, whichaccounted for $7,967,439 and $1,624,855, respectively, in revenue for the threemonths ended March 31, 2022. The Spectrum entities and SVC were both acquiredafter the first quarter of 2021.A significant portion of our prestations de service are performed under master serviceagreements and other arrangements with customers that extend for periods of oneor more years. We are currently party to numerous master service agreements, andtypically have multiple agreements with each of our customers. Master ServiceAgreements (MSAs) generally contain customer-specified service requirements,such as discreet pricing for individual tasks. To the extent that such contractsspecify exclusivity, there are often a number of exceptions, including theability of the customer to issue work orders valued above a specified dollaramount to other service providers, perform work with the customer's ownemployees and use other service providers when jointly placing facilities withanother utility. In most cases, a customer may terminate an agreement forconvenience with written notice. The remainder of our prestations de service are providedpursuant to contracts for specific projects. Long-term contracts relate tospecific projects with terms in excess of one year from the contract date.Short-term contracts for specific projects are generally three to four months induration. The percentage of revenue from long-term contracts varies betweenperiods depending on the mix of work performed under our contracts.Operating ExpensesDuring the three months ended March 31, 2022, our operating expenses were$13,840,212, compared to operating expenses of $3,047,284 for the same period of2021. The increase of $10,792,928 is primarily related to a $7,852,268 increasein cost of revenues as a result of the increase in sales discussed above,combined with $1,122,233 and $1,640,894 increases in salaries and wages andgeneral and administrative expenses, respectively.Other Income (Expense)During the three months ended March 31, 2022, we had other income of $5,332,855,compared to other expense of $44,095 for the same period of 2021. The change of$5,376,950 is primarily related to a gain on change in fair value of derivativesand gain on PPP loan forgiveness of $3,872,339 and $2,000,000, respectively,during the three months ended March 31, 2022. These gains were partially offsetby amortization of discounts on convertible debentures and loans payable andinterest expense of $672,616 and $254,699, respectively, during the three monthsended March 31, 2022.Net Income (Loss)For the three months ended March 31, 2022, we had net income attributable toHigh Wire Networks, Inc. common shareholders of $4,957,537, compared to a netloss of $130,264 in the same period of 2021.Cash FlowsThree months ended March 31, 20222021Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities $453,338 $ (28,756 )Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities $240,000 $ (11,000 )Net cash used in financing activities $ (102,396 ) $ (16,658 )Change in cash$590,942 $ (56,414 )For the three months ended March 31, 2022, cash increased $590,942, compared toa decrease in cash of $56,414 for the same period of 2021. The net income of$4,957,537 was partially offset by the gain in change in fair value ofderivative liabilities of $3,872,339, gain on PPP loan forgiveness of$2,000,000, and gain on disposal of subsidiary of $919,873.

Au 31 mars 2022, nous avions des espèces de 1 099 337 $ contre 508 395 $ au 31 décembre 2021.


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