Cedar Ridge High School 2022 Top 10

Ojas Phirke - Valédictorian

What campuses in Round Rock ISD did you attend?
Ridgeview Middle School and Cedar Ridge High School.

Cedar Ridge High School 2022
Top 10

What’s the best memory you have of your time in Round Rock ISD? Why?
My time in Round Rock ISD has been blessed with many incredible memories—whether it was competing at UIL, DECA, and independent competitions; having fun and giving back together through clubs and organizations; or learning, laughing, and celebrating together—virtually and in-person!

Who has been your most influential teacher in Round Rock ISD? Why?
Every teacher and staff member that I have known has played an incredibly influential part in helping me become the person I am today.Chacun d'eux a eu un impact unique sur la façon dont je regarde la vie, guidant ma perspective et mes actions, m'inspirant à explorer et à rêver, et à m'autonomisant tout au long de mon voyage unique.Je suis éternellement reconnaissant à chacun d'eux!Merci à tous!

What college will you be attending next year? What will you be studying?
I am planning to attend the University of Texas at Austin to study Computer Science Honors and Business Honors as a Texas CSB Scholar, a dual degree honors program.

What do you hope to pursue after college?
I plan to further my studies of new technologies and their applications.Je veux particulièrement explorer l'intelligence artificielle et comment il peut être utilisé pour promulguer un changement positif pour l'amélioration de ma communauté et de mon humanité.

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