NEW YORK, April29, 2022(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media’s New To The Street / Newsmax TV announces the broadcasting lineup of its national syndicated 1- hour TV show this Sunday, May 01, 2022, airing time 10-11 AM ET.

New to The Street’s 339th TV show lineup, it features nine (9) interviews of the following Companies and their representatives:

1). Cryptocurrency - Ariva, Inc.’s (CRYPTO: ARV) ($ARV) interview with Ms. Claudia Tapardel, Chief Communications Officer (CCO).

2). Rego Payments Architectures, Inc.’s. (OTCQB: RPMT) interview with Mr. Stuart Harvey, Chairman of the Board of Advisors.

3). Fandifi Technology Group, Inc.’s (fka- FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp.) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) (FSE: TQ43) interview with Mr. David Vinokurov, CEO and President.

4). Cryptocurrency- Ignite’s (f.ka – Tindermint) (CRYPTO: ATOM) ($ATOM) interview, Mr. Peng Zhong, CEO.

5). Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd.’s (OTCPINK: SUIC) interviews with Mr. Maninder Bhullar, Director of SUIC - Beneway Group/Strategic Group Advisor, Mr. Danny Chong, Partner/Director SUIC - Beneway Group and Ms. Esther Jou, Partner.

6). Cryptocurrency - Pink Panda Holdings, Inc.’s (CRYPTO: PINKPANDA) ($PINKPANDA) interviews with Mr.Adam Carlton, Founder and CEO, and Mr. Gagan Levy, Team Member.

7). Sekur Private Data, Ltd.’s (fka -GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT) interview with Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

8). Cryptocurrency - EQIFI’s (CRYPTO: EQX) ($EQX) with interview Ms. Ioana Frincu, Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

9). Sekur Private Data Ltd.’s (Sekur®) (fka -GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT) the “Weekly Hack - SPECIAL SEGMENT,” interview with internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, CEO.

New to The Street TV welcomes Ms. Claudia Tapardel, Chief Communications Officer (CCO), Ariva, Inc. (CRYPTO: ARV) ($ARV), for her in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interview with TV Anchor Jane King. Claudia updates and further explains the Ariva ecosystem for everything related to travel. Using the Ariva token, $ARV, travelers can earn token rewards while utilizing the platform. The Ariva World is a platform that gives users an all-encompassed experience eliminating any travel hassles. Claudia explains that most travelers use many websites and apps to book necessary trip arrangements. The Ariva platform gives end-users many travel options and payment methods, including crypto and the $ARV token. The Ariva Wonderland Metaverse is unique, whereas end-users can enjoy many virtual reality experiences. The Metaverse allows users to buy land, develop the land, go to virtual travel destinations, and offers a time-travel VR experience. Claudia invites everyone to join the platform, travel, earn token rewards, and enjoy its Metaverse VR platform. Visit the website to learn more about the different travel platforms, Ariva World, Ariva Wonderland Metaverse, Ariva Finance and Ariva Club.

New to The Street TV Anchor Jane King welcomes Mr. Stuart Harvey, Chairman of the Board of Advisors at Rego Payment Architectures, Inc. (OTCQB: RPMT) (“REGO”) for his in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interview. Stuart talks about his many years of business in the payment industry, financial technologies, digital wallets, and pre-paid cards. REGO takes payment options to a new level, securing children's privacy when they make purchases online or in stores, and Stuart passionately explains the need for such solutions and a primary reason for him being with the Company. As the only COPPA compliant digital wallet, the Mazoola super digital wallet app is currently the only digital banking solution that puts privacy first, never collects data, and helps teach kids essential financial management skills. The wallet offers parents the ability to set payment and shopping limits and other restrictions. Stuart explains the expanding governmental enforcement efforts in the US and Europe under the current Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Mazoola is currently the only digital banking solution that puts children’s privacy first. The Mazoola app is available for download on iOS and Google Android devices -

New to The Street TV has Mr. David Vinokurov, President / CEO at Fandifi Technology Group, Inc. (fka- FANDOM SPORTS Media Corporation) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) (FSE: TQ43) (“Fandifi”) on the show. He sits down with TV Anchor Jane King for an in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interview and explains the Company’s crowd base and system-generated prediction fan engagement platform. David stated that the Company’s recent name change from FANDOM SPORTS Media Corporation to Fandifi offers a better description of its technology platforms than sports-related applications. The prediction and NFT rewards ecosystem can provide other types of content providers with ways to increase consumer engagement on brands, viewership on shows/media, fans on live sports, and e-sporting events. David talks about the most recent arrangement with digital media incubator Yoruba Media Labs, and how that relationship should offer more avenues for platform integration. While using the Polygon blockchain, Fandifi can mint NFTs and offer an NFT marketplace as a unique way to enhance brand recognitions with a growth strategy further. Fandifi is positioning its overlay prediction technology ecosystem as one of the premier go-to tools for fan engagement and monetization for the content creator community.

Mr. Peng Zhong, CEO ofIgnite (CRYPTO: ATOM) ($ATOM) (fka- Tendermint), returns as a guest on this week’s New to the Street TV show. Peng talks with Anchor Jane King about the $ATOM ecosystem and a $150M fund for blockchain development projects. From a hobbyist to advanced blockchain developers, Ignite can assist. The numerous tools, including funding, provides blockchain creators a platform for all types of assistance. Peng gives several examples of how Ignite and its resources create successful blockchain outcomes when deployed. The Ignite Venture platform can fund projects from start-ups to advanced market penetrations. As more familiar with the W3 attributes, Ignite positioned itself as an incubator, helping those with great projects succeed in their blockchain designs, developments, integrations, and markets. Being able to provide needed capital and technological assistance, Ignite believes it can be a leader in developing a functional crypto atmosphere that provides a user-friendly experience for developers.

Mr. Maninder Bhullar, Director SUIC - Beneway Group(“Beneway”)/Strategic Group Advisor, Mr. Danny Chong, Partner/Director SUIC - Beneway Group and Ms. Esther Jou, Partner, all join with TV Anchor Jane King on this week’s New to The Street TV talk about Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTCPINK: SUIC), an entity involved in research and development and an investor in public and private companies worldwide. Maninder gives viewers an update on operations. The Beneway payment system can handle millions of payment transactions. In the last 3-months, it has attracted a number of financial technology services providers who offer digital solutions, e-wallets, P2P lending, payment gateways, and cross-border payment processing using the Beneway payment platform. Danny Chong talks about his Company, GKash Malaysia, a leading internet payment service provider for cross-border e-commerce partners and customers. He explains how the partnership with Beneway, and how the platform is now assisting GKash’s merchants and partners in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Southeast Asia. From SUIC’s New York City, NY, USA offices, Esther explains her position with the Company and how she is working on the upcoming business luncheon presentation in New York City, May 2022. The Company continues to execute its global expansion plans with targets throughout North America, Asia, and Latin America.

On this week’s New to The Street TV, Mr. Adam Carlton, Founder and CEO, and Mr. Gagan Levy, Team Member at Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. (CRYPTO: PINKPANDA) ($PINKPANDA), talk with TV Host Jane King about the Company’s trusted and easy to use gateway blockchain app. Being a socially responsible entity, Pink Panda Holdings’ crypto platform and business have an ecosystem that concentrates on worldwide social programs. As such, award-winning creative director Mr. Gagan Levy joined the Company’s team. Gagan calls Pink Panda’s ecosystem “Blockchain for Good.” With his long history of offering investors a network for socially responsible investing and philanthropic enterprises, Gagan saw the “GOOD” at Pink Panda and joined the Company. He will provide environmental conscience companies and sports leagues a unique approach to brand awareness, utilizing the $PINKPANDA token as a tool to create and market NFTs. Pink Panda Metaverse VR is another exciting marketing and awareness tool that offers very trusted and well-known corporate brands and sports leagues that adhere to social and environmental causes another platform to reach consumers and fans. Gagan is excited to work with Adam and the rest of the Pink Panda Team, and they will be back in the future to update the growing fundamentals at Pink Panda Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Alain Ghiai, Chief Executive Officer at Sekur Private Data Ltd. (fka -GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT), returned as a guest on this week’s New to Street TV, giving updates on the Company’s encrypted email and messenger services. Alain explains the Company’s investment proposition as it recently closed on an approximately $600,000 funding round, done at $0.28 per share with a $0.56 warrant. Last year the Company raised $7M, which the Company used for growth and operations. With recurring revenues month over month from service subscribers, no debt, no toxic finances, and $6M in the bank, the value proposition for any investor looks attractive. As a front and center business solution to handle cybersecurity issues, Sekur sees increases in its subscriber base. The “Chat-by-Invite,” a SekurSend and SekurReply feature for text messages and emails, offers a proprietary encrypted solution that virtually eliminates internet security breaches. Sekur’s email and messenger programs operate on a closed-loop system with no shared servers. Subscribers can reject or offer acceptance on incoming email transmissions and texts and give recipients who are not subscribers the same security feature. For reasonable pricing, subscribers get these cybersecurity protections not available with open-source email and texting programs. As an added protection to subscribers, Sekur Private Data Ltd. operates its internet platforms and security businesses under the country of Switzerland’s very tough privacy laws.

Ms. Ioana Frincu, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EQIFIIFI (CRYPTO: EQX )($EQX), interview with Anchor Jane King re-airs on this week’s New to The Street TV show. Ioana explains to Anchor Jane King and viewers EQIFI’s digital platform. Ioana describes how the platform merges traditional banking with a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) alternative. As the Company’s CTO, Ioana talks about the process and progress in developing the mobile EQIFI app, which allows users ease of transfers between cryptocurrency and fiat money with no fees, keeps track of savings and investments, and transfers both in crypto/fiat transactions. The app’s inspiration came from Ioana’s frustration when moving cryptocurrency and fiat money transactions through multiple platforms, including numerous fee structures. The app is fantastic, and she recommends it to everyone, both small and large individual crypto holders and businesses. Ioana expects to have more blockchain integrations on its platform in the future. Earn, borrow, and pay with crypto quickly and securely on the EQIFI platform. This interview segment initially aired on March 27, 2022.


New to The Street airs The “Weekly Hack - SPECIAL SEGMENT” with internationally acclaimed internet privacy expert Mr. Alain Ghiai, Chief Executive Officer, Sekur Private Data, Ltd.(fka -GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT). TV Anchor Ana Berry and Alain talk about on this week’s show the topic: “Data Security.” Alain says that weekly news announcements describe hacks occurring at Microsoft Exchange, WhatsApp, spoofing malware email, and other breaches. Too much time and interactions on open-platform social media sites leave an electronic signature on those sites; as such, hackers feed off that information, and then these nefarious actors move forward with a hack attack. Alain, recommends a few strategic maneuvers to limit being hacked: never give out your cell phone number; don’t use public WiFi ; use your hot spot; use a password management software; and update software with recommended patches. To minimize a cybersecurity breach Alain’s solution recommends getting the Sekur solutions for businesses and personal uses. As a fully encrypted technology with no open-source codes and whose servers are owned and operated with no third-party software, Sekur guarantees a protected and secure privacy cyber solution. Alain explains that the Sekur Solutions are a monthly subscription-based service. Remember, Sekur Private Data, Ltd. owns its servers, no third-party arrangements, no open-source codes, and no data mining, and the Company operates under Switzerland’s very tough privacy laws. Alain is back next week with another “Weekly Hack” report. What is your privacy worth?

About Ariva, Inc. (CRYPTO: ARV) ($ARV):

Ariva, Inc. (CRYPTO: ARV) ($ARV) launched its cryptocurrency $ARV in May 2021. The Ariva ecosystem focuses on uses in the global and local tourism and travel networks. The project is a worldwide B2C travel & tourism network where members can meet with global and local tourism service providers. Previous travelers’ experiences and comments, making bookings with cryptocurrencies, earning crypto money from their reservations, and valuable content sharing are part of the Ariva experience. The project aims to achieve active use in the tourism and travel industry, one of the world economy’s largest and most important industries. Ariva aims to produce a cryptocurrency trade exchange and ensure that $ARV is actively used in the tourism industry -

About REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. (OTCQB: RPMT):

REGO Payment Architectures, Inc. (OTCQB: RPMT) (“REGO”) is a digital solution that enables children to stay safe in today’s tech-first environment. The REGO Digital Wallet platform, MazoolaSM, allows parents and guardians to allow online shopping or digital spending at approved retailers, control what funds are available for which purchases, and reward children or pay allowance via the app. REGO is an innovative financial platform uniquely positioned due to its Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance-

About Fandifi Technology Corporation (OTCQB: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) (FSE: TQ43):

Fandifi Technology Corporation (OTCQB: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) (FSE: TQ43) (FandifiTM ) is building a crowd-based and system-generated prediction and fan engagement platform. FandifiTM platform runs on an associated neural network tailor-made for content creators to increase gamification of their content and enable fan engagement within their communities regardless of distribution. FandifiTM also operates an NFT marketplace where rewards can be bought, sold or traded on an interoperable blockchain agnostic platform -

About Ignitete (CRYPTO: ATOM) ($ATOM):

From Ignite’s (CRYPTO: ATOM) ($ATOM) origins as Tendermint, the purpose has always been to create a first-in-class developer experience for the Cosmos ecosystem. While the Company remains steadfast in this commitment, it also understands that individuals and organizations can benefit from genuinely innovative Web3 ideas. The new brand, Ignite, represents the change we inspire by connecting everyone to this world of decentralization and interoperability. Ignite is leading the way in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralized future. Creative minds have the power to advance the world and revolutionize how we live. Mass adoption of blockchain solutions is critical to driving true global advancement. The Company’s solutions are developed for global communities to quickly build innovative ideas and use decentralized services in their everyday lives. Together, let’s create a more transparent and equitable world -

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC: SUIC):

Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC: SUIC) provides research and development, venture financing for investments in private enterprises and the public sector, which develops products and services adopting core capabilities of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile payment, Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, to enhance and streamline existing processes, and establish new and exciting business models that will create revolutionary products and services. Shareholders of SUIC are part of the diverse application of advanced services in various parts of the economy. Additionally, existing and potential customers can benefit from this Company’s diversified portfolio of technologies. As one of the pioneering publicly traded technology companies, SUIC will help build tech-enabled future businesses -

About Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. (CRYPTO: PINKPANDA) ($PINKPANDA):

Pink Panda Holdings, Inc. (CRYPTO: PINKPANDA) ($PINKPANDA), a Delaware C-Corp, based in Chicago, creates a non-custodial, fully on-chain, mobile-first wallet as well as decentralized exchange (DEX) that will support up to 5x margin/leverage trading with a seamless, centralized-exchange feel starting on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Their utility token for the PinkPanda Exchange, $PINKPANDA was launched on May 29, 2021. The community continues to grow through its applications on Android and iOS.

About Sekur Private Data Ltd. (fka- GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT):

Sekur Private Data, Ltd. (fka- GlobeX Data, Ltd.) (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) (FRA: GDT) is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes encrypted emails, secure messengers, secure communication tools, secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, and document management products. The Company sells and serves consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide through approved wholesalers, distributors, and telecommunications companies. Contact Sekur Private Data, Ltd. at or visit and


EQIFI (CRYPTO: EQX) ($EQX) builds a global DeFi (Decentralized Finance) gateway for you, delivering more products and services than any other platform and simplifying the complex world of DeFi. EQIFI is on a mission to become the gateway for everyone to the DeFi industry. EQIFI works to democratize financial products previously available to only the privileged few through blockchain technology. EQIFI’s infrastructure optimizes itself for real-time digital interactions. It is at the forefront, embracing today’s ever-demanding culture of instant access to the evolution of digital banking and finance technologies -

About FMW Media:

FMW Media operates one of the longest-running US and International sponsored and Syndicated Nielsen Rated programming TV brands, “New to The Street” and its blockchain show “Exploring The Block.” Since 2009, these brands have run biographical interview segment shows across major U.S. Television networks. The TV platforms reach over 540 million homes in the US and international markets. FMW’s New to The Street / Newsmax TV broadcasting platform airs its syndication on Sundays at 10 -11 AM ET. FMW is also one of the nation’s largest buyers of linear television long and short-form - &

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